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The Boring Stack leverages sessions and flash messages for handling server-side validation errors.

How it works

When a validation error occurs while a form is submitted using Inertia, The Boring Stack will automatically detect that this is an Inertia request and then flash the error to the session using Sails Flash and the error will be made available in both usePage().props.errors and form.errors if you are using the form helper provided by Inertia.

Sharing errors

By default, when any input fails a Sails validation, the error will be flashed to the session and made available to you automatically.

You can also share errors in your action by throwing an exit with the responseType of badRequest. For example, in a login form you want to display the message "Email/Password is wrong", you can do so in your login.js action:

module.exports = {
  exits: {
    badCombo: {
      responseType: 'badRequest'
  fn: async function () {
    const user = await User.findOne({ email })
    if (!user) {
      throw {
        badCombo: {
          problems: [{ login: 'Email/Password is wrong' }]

Displaying errors

Then in your login page, you can access the login errror via form.errors.login if you are using the form helper or usPage().props.errors.login.


Learn more about displaying errors in the Inertia docs.

Error bags

If you are using the form helper, you don't need error bags because validatioin errors are scoped to the form object making the request.


Learn more about error bags in the Inertia docs.

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