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Sending transactional emails plays a crucial role in keeping users informed about specific actions or events. It involves delivering personalized and time-sensitive messages triggered by user interactions.

Example use cases

  • User Registration Confirmation: Sending an email to verify and confirm a user's registration.
  • Password Reset Requests: Notifying users and providing a secure link to reset their passwords.
  • Order Confirmations: Informing users about successful purchases with order details.

Sending emails in The Boring JavaScript is powered by the Sails Mail hook.


Learn all about Sails Mail in the Mail docs.

Sending emails

To send emails in The Boring JavaScript Stack, use the sails.helpers.mail.send() helper:

// controllers/user/signup.js
await sails.helpers.mail.send.with({
  subject: 'Verify your email',
  template: 'email-verify-account',
  templateData: {
    token: unverifiedUser.emailProofToken,
    fullName: unverifiedUser.fullName

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