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Sails Pay simplifies payment integration for Sails.js developers, offering an intuitive interface to seamlessly incorporate payment processing into your applications. Say goodbye to tedious payment-related boilerplate code.

Sails Pay handles the heavy lifting of payment management, from basic transactions to advanced features like coupons, subscription swapping, and more.

With Sails Pay, you can focus on building great products while Sails Pay takes care of payment complexities.

Getting started

Simply add the following dependency to your Sails project:

npm i sails-pay --save

Add provider adapter

Sails Pay offers adapters for various payment providers. Simply install the adapter for your chosen payment provider.

npm i @sails-pay/lemonsqueezy


If you can't find your payment provider, consider sponsoring Kelvin's time. He can work on an adapter for you.

Next, follow the instructions below to setup your preferred payment provider.

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