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Getting started

Simply add the following dependencies to your Sails project:

npm i sails-content sails-hook-content --save


A key piece of Sails Content is the plugin-sails-content plugin which you can only use in Sails apps that has Shipwright installed. Learn more by checking out getting started on The Boring Stack docs.

Register the adapter

Open up config/datastores.js to register the sails-content adapter:

module.exports.datastores = {
  default: {},
  content: {
    adapter: 'sails-content'


You can call your content datastore anything you want.

Create the content directory

To start writing your content, you need a content directory. Sails Content by default expect the content directory to be at the top-level of your project and called content:

mkdir content

Create a view template

Sails Content needs a view template to provide the layout to build your HTML files with. By default your view template will be in .ejs so create one in view/layouts. For example we can create views/layouts/blog-post.ejs:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <title><%= data.title %> | Blog</title>
    <h1><%= data.title %></h1>
    <%- content %>


Notice the content variable and data object. The data object contains your parsed frontmatter properties.

Create your first collection

Since we already have a blog post view template, we might as well just create our first blog post.

To do so create a blog collection in your content directory.

A collection is simply a top-level folder which will contain your content files and it also maps to your content model. Now, let's create content/blog/

 layout: './views/layouts/blog-post.ejs'
 title: 'Hello Sails Content',

# Hello World

This is my first blog using Sails Content!

Now lift your Sails application with npx sails l and your blog post should be live at localhost:1337/blog/hello-world 🚀

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