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Content Directory

The content directory contains your content collection and by default its a top-level content/ directory.

Specifying a content directory

You can tell Sails Content to use another directory as the content directory in config/content.js

module.exports.content = {
  dir: './assets/content'

From the above config we are specifying that our content collections will be in assets/content

Content Collections

Content Collections help to organize your documents and makes querying your content via Waterline queries easy.

What are Content Collections?

A Content Collection is any top-level directory inside your content directory, such as /content/blog. Only content collections are allowed inside the /content directory. This directory cannot be used for anything else.

A collection entry is any piece of content stored inside of your content collection directory. Entries are expected to be .md files.

Once you have a collection, you can start querying your content using Waterline queries.

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