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To configure mail, create a config/mail.js configuration file. Let's look at all the possible configurations you can have in config/mail.js


The default config in config/mail.js tells Mail which mailer to use by default. The string passed to default must be the name of a registered mailer in the mailers object

module.exports.mail =  {
  default: 'log' // replace 'log' with any configured mailer you've set

You can also set the default mailer with the MAIL_MAILER environment variable and Mail will automatically detect it.

This is handy for specifying different default mailers in different environments your application will be running in.

Also in config/local.js you specify a mail object with the default property which will be used as the default mailer in development.

mail: {
  default:  'nodemailer'


The mailers configuration object contains

  mailers: {
   log: {
      transport: 'log'
    mailtrap: {
      transport: 'smtp'
    resend: {
      transport: 'resend'

What's a mailer?

In Mail, a mailer is a configuration object that is registered in the mailers object in config/mails.js or in a mail object in local.js that specifies at the very least a transport that Mail will use in sending your emails.


This config let you set a global from address for all your emails. It's really useful if your application sends emails from the same from address.

By default Mail will use this address if no address is passed when you send an email with sails.helpers.mail.send

from: {
    address: '',
    name: 'The Boring JavaScript Stack'

You can also set this config by specifying these two environment variables: MAIL_FROM_NAME and MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS.

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